Proprietary items for eco-friendly coke production

As coke plant operators have to comply with ever more challenging regulations in terms of emission control and environmental protection, Paul Wurth pursues a policy of continuous improvement and development of its technological tools and solutions, thus proposing a series of innovative special design features:

  • SOPRECO® System for controlling the pressure for each individual oven in a coke oven battery during the entire coking process and, thus reducing fugitive emissions up to 90%;
  • CokeXpert™ automation systems for improving the operational and environmental performances;
  • Specially designed coke oven doors suiting the actual requirements for a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly system;
  • Heating system for minimal NOx and CO concentrations, uniform temperature distribution and optimised fuel consumption;
  • Specially designed bracing system for high heating wall stability and gas tightness.
Features for environmental compliance