SSAB Relies on Paul Wurth for Strategic Coke Oven Battery Renewal

On 31 January 2020, SSAB EMEA AB has chosen Paul Wurth’s service team to carry out, on EPC basis, a revamp of its coke oven battery at Luleå steel works in northern Sweden, which focuses on battery life extension and emission reduction.

In line with the group’s motto to be a Leading Partner to its customers, Paul Wurth has first supported SSAB with a detailed feasibility study, which defined the most appropriate implementation scenario to extend the battery life. Secondly, SSAB being a front runner in environmental compliance, asked Paul Wurth as a leader in emission abatement for coke plants to study also the application of best available technology (BAT) in the frame of the revamp in order to come to furtherly cut emissions and improved coke quality.

In the successfully developed feasibility study, Paul Wurth included its patented technology of the Single Oven PREessure Control (SOPRECO®) system for emission reduction, evaluated the best implementation scenario for removing existing design constraints in relation to the by-products plant and, thus optimised the overall project cost taking into account both capital and operation expenditures along with minimum production losses.

As this proposal fitted into SSAB’s strategy, Paul Wurth was awarded the order in result of the subsequent official bid. This covers the replacement of the entire raw gas system including ascension pipes, goosenecks, the SOPRECO® system, gas collecting main (GCM) and off-takes. Furthermore, taking the occasion of empty ovens during GCM replacement, Paul Wurth will also renew the battery ovens roof by replacing the rails for charging machines, transversal tie rods and some refractory layers.

Since the Scandinavian conditions in wintertime are extreme, the replacement works will be carried out in two steps: preparation activities to remove any existing constraints will take place in summer 2020, followed by the main intervention for replacing equipment in summer 2021. Thanks to Paul Wurth’s approach tailored to SSAB’s specific needs, this intervention will lead the 54-ovens coke battery at Luleå to an extended and environmentally friendly life cycle, thus promoting future sustainability.

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