JSW Steel confirms its faith in Paul Wurth by entrusting the Group with BF3 upgrade at Toranagallu

Following on from the successful rebuild with capacity increase of BF1, JSW Steel has awarded Paul Wurth an order for the upgrade of its existing Blast Furnace N°3 in Toranagallu, Karnataka State, India, which is the biggest blast furnace at its Vijayanagar Works.

The scope of the contract includes engineering of the upgrade of the entire Blast Furnace and all selected auxiliary plant units, as well as procurement, supply and technical services as follows:

The cooling and lining concept foresees new carbon blocks, copper and cast iron staves and a completely new shell. Modification and reinforcement of the existing furnace tower will be made in order to match the increased furnace volume as well as the erection loads. The existing Paul Wurth Bell Less Top® charging system will be fitted with new hoppers (110 m3) and a new weighing system. An additional new external combustion chamber Hot Blast Stove of Paul Wurth one-dome design, the reline of two existing internal combustion chamber stoves, a new hot blast main and bustle pipe and new tuyere stocks ensure reliable supply of the hot blast at the necessary temperature. For efficient and save BF process control, TMT probes such as Above Burden Gas and Temperature Probes and the 3D TopScan profile recorder will be installed along with the Tuyere Phenomena Detection System. 3D TopScan and TPDS will represent the first applications of their kind in India. The casthouse safety will be improved by installation of four new TMT runner cover manipulators. A new axial cyclone and the modification of the existing wet gas cleaning system with new Paul Wurth Annular Gap Elements and an external demister will ensure BF top gas cleaning at the necessary cleaning efficiency. Capacity expansions are necessary to stockhouse and cooling systems and are equally in the scope.

Paul Wurth will also provide basic and detail engineering for the erection as well as the planning and supervision of erection and commissioning of the major plant units. Big-block assembly techniques will make it possible to reach a shutdown period of only 90 days, thus allowing the customer to minimize production losses due to the furnace rebuild activities.

The modernized BF3 will have an inner volume of approximately 5,300 m3 (+32% compared to the present working volume of 4,019 m3), an increased hearth diameter (from 13.2 to 15m) and a larger number of tuyeres (42 instead of 36). These parameters will result in an average daily hot metal production of 12,676 tons and a total yearly production of about 4.5 million tons.

This capacity increase will be a key step in JSW Steel’s expansion plan. The upgraded BF3 will become one of the biggest blast furnaces in India, further strengthening Paul Wurth references in extra-large blast furnace projects.

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