Final acceptance certificate for Sumitomo Coke Oven Plant

Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. issued the final acceptance certificate for the new Coke Oven Plant N°1E in Kashima Steelworks.

The new battery “1E” is a gun-type battery with twin flues configuration and with staggered air combustion and waste gas recirculation. It consists of 40 ovens producing 468.000 t/a of coke. The new battery was realized in line with the existing ones, as it is operated by the same machines, and has therefore the same geometrical dimensions.

Nevertheless, the design of the combustion system and of the overall battery features is completely new, in order to fully attain the performance values in a long-lasting operating campaign.

The most modern design tools and equipment were adopted in order to offer the best technological results in terms of emissions control. The project incorporates a number of innovative technical features to improve the environment, maximize the coke production rate and ensure the best coke quality. Among them:

  • Air regeneration partition: by dividing the air regenerator into two parts - one for the combustion bottom air and the other for the combustion staggered air - directly from the air box, it is possible to have a partition of the combustion air between bottom parts and staggered one. This implementation allows an optimum vertical profile of the temperature along the heating wall with consequent saving of energy and low NOx emission in the atmosphere.
  • Paul Wurth has developed a system that allowed a first charging at Battery 1E with no emissions: thanks to a temporary coke oven gas pipes system, the missing flow rate was compensated and the regulation of the system has been possible from the beginning. This system was then dismantled after the normal operating conditions were reached.

A close cooperation with the customer in both design and erection phase allowed reaching the targets in terms of personnel safety during the erection activities and in terms of the results’ quality.

The main operating parameters are:

  • Production 1121 t/day
  • Coking time 23 h
  • NOx 40 ppm (O2: 2 ÷ 2.5%)
  • Heating wall temperature 1160÷1170°C

The first coke was successfully pushed on October 18, 2011.

The final acceptance certificate formally confirms a further success in coke making as well as a first strategic reference for Paul Wurth in Japan.

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