Beyond hosting your company on our premises in Luxembourg-Hollerich, Paul Wurth Incub can offer much more:

With Paul Wurth as a partner of international reputation,

  • You benefit from a wide market access through our international industrial network in more than 20 countries;
  • You enjoy close business coaching jointly by Technoport and Paul Wurth;
  • You can rely on the broad technical expertise of Paul Wurth in various fields, allowing to assess the feasibility of technological or business development ideas;
  • You have access to the sales and commercial experience of Paul Wurth for market accessibility studies and business risk assessment;
  • You benefit from the experience in go-to-market of Technoport and Paul Wurth;
  • You can investigate possible application of new technologies within Paul Wurth’s existing product portfolio;
  • You have access to tailor-made support from our experienced partners for business/ finance, IPP or legal consultancy;
  • You may win Paul Wurth as possible investor or (first) customer, or as facilitator to connect to possible investors or customers;
  • You enjoy office space in Luxembourg-City below the market price level.

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