Paul Wurth’s set-up in Germany, Paul Wurth Deutschland GmbH, whose registered office is located in Essen, provides expert know-how and service out of three places of operation.

Essen: Besides conventional blast furnace technologies, our specialists offer wide-ranging plant engineering for environmental protection technologies and turnkey pollution control installations, such as dedusting and gas cleaning plants. In the field of cokemaking, the Essen based team is specialised in coke oven machines.

Mainz-Kastel: The special competence of our team in Mainz-Kastel lies in the design and supply of hot blast stove plants worldwide, including all related facilities, like heat recovery systems, valves, mains and structures. The optimisation of plants and their operation, special repairs and consulting studies are part of their know-how. Furthermore, the team is specialised in the design and supply of blast furnace / SAF linings including carbon materials and cooling systems.

Mönchengladbach: The site in Mönchengladbach hosts Paul Wurth’s Oil and Gas division, dedicated to offer special valve solutions for downstream processes to the global chemical and petrochemical industry.

Altogether, our experts contribute to offer our customers a comprehensive and innovative programme of products and services for an optimal, economically-viable and environment-friendly operation of their facilities.



Registered office / Essen site

Grugaplatz 4, D-45131 Essen
Postfach 104252, D-45042 Essen
Phone: +49 201 24530-0


Mainz-Kastel site

Peter-Sander-Strasse 32
D-55252 Mainz-Kastel
Postfach 82, D-55247 Mainz-Kastel

Phone: +49 6134 606-6


Mönchengladbach site

SMS Businesspark
Blumenberger Str. 143-145
D-41061 Mönchengladbach

Phone: +49 2161 4785824


Grugaplatz 4, D-45131 Essen


Dipl. Betriebswirt Markus Bierod