Top charging & Stamp charging

Paul Wurth adopts the most advanced plant arrangements and operational techniques for the design and construction of coke oven batteries. Relying on more than forty years of experience in cokemaking technology, Paul Wurth holds proprietary know-how and can bank on highly technological references in the cokemaking sector worldwide.

Depending on the customer’s needs and requests, we provide the tailor-made design and state-of-the-art technologies for coke oven batteries of top charging as well as of stamp charging type. In the field of top charging batteries, Paul Wurth favours the Jumbo oven battery concept with substantial ecological advantages and a long battery lifetime. Paul Wurth’s coke oven batteries of stamp charging type distinguish themselves by a particularly strong battery structure, an optimised combustion and specifically developed features for environmental protection.

Whatever charging technology is chosen, the batteries designed by Paul Wurth integrate the latest technological developments in order to assure long campaign life, high productivity and full compliance with the most advanced standards in terms of pollution control.

Coke Oven Batteries