The health of our employees and the safety of our installations are the top priorities of the Paul Wurth Group. Respect for these values which are inseparable from our role as a leading supplier of equipment and industrial installations and the care we take to make benchmarks of them are determining factors in our day-to-day decisions and actions.

Health & Safety principles have been made an integral part of our working processes and tools through the certification of our health and safety management system in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard.

Striving to improve our health and safety performance constantly, we deploy action plans and set objectives in terms of accident prevention, risk management and workplace safety. These measures are accompanied by intensive training and awareness programmes. One milestone in Paul Wurth’s health and safety strategy is the annual Health & Safety Day, mobilising all employees throughout the Group to take part in a whole host of information sessions and activities on health and safety issues in the workplace and in their everyday life. Calling on everyone to take part in the safety process, our employees and partners are encouraged to behave responsibly and proactively.

Effective management with regard to health, safety and welfare at work involves corporate social responsibility vis-à-vis the company's employees, its suppliers and its customers and this is increasingly becoming a factor in our favour when our customers evaluate and assess us. Paul Wurth has earned a reputation for professionalism in this field and has been congratulated many times by its customers for its performance on work sites.

Health & Safety