Reliable, efficient and accurate injection of auxiliary reducing agents is vital for cost effective blast furnace operation. Paul Wurth is involved in the development and application of all forms of gaseous, liquid and solid reducing agents injection via the hot blast tuyeres. Paul Wurth has been involved in the pioneering development of Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) technologies since the early 1980s; today, close to 70 large size Blast Furnaces worldwide are operating with our PCI systems.

Paul Wurth’s Basic Types of PCI Systems

Individual Line Flow Control: This configuration provides the highest coal delivery accuracy to each tuyere injection lance.

Global Flow Control with Static Distributor: A static splitter followed by flow balancing tuyeres in the length-optimized individual feed lines give excellent control of the distribution of coal to each injection lance.

Global Flow Control with Dynamic Distributor: Rather than using the flow balancing tuyeres in the individual feed lines, this configuration uses in-line flow measurement and Paul Wurth GRITZKO®  flow control valves to achieve even higher coal distribution accuracy.

Improvement of Coal Combustion/Consumption at the Tuyeres:  Paul Wurth offers oxycoal lance and coal pre-heating technologies to increase injected coal efficiency and throughput for the furnace process.

Coal Grinding and Drying

Paul Wurth designs and supplies coal grinding and drying plants which transform the raw coal into injectable pulverized coal. The choice of energy saving hot gas generators, vertical roller mills and efficient filtering technique, all provided by reputed system suppliers in their domain, makes the Paul Wurth grinding and drying plant an ideal technological preparation unit for PCI operations.

Pulverized Coal Injection