Paul Wurth took an important step towards becoming a complete supplier of all iron and steel production processes in 2014 when it signed a construction license agreement with Kobe Steel in Japan. As a result, Paul Wurth is able to offer Midrex® gas-based direct reduction ironmaking plants as part of its portfolio.

The Midrex® direct reduction process is the industry’s most productive technology for making high-quality direct reduced iron (DRI) products, accounting for approximately 60% of the world’s total annual production. DRI and its derivatives, including hot briquetted iron (HBI), are a virgin iron feedstock that is often used in steelmaking applications. Increased global demand for DRI products is fuelling interest in direct reduction plants worldwide.

New applications to meet various industrial needs:

  • Midrex NG™ is the configuration of the Midrex® process using natural gas, considered as the cleanest ironmaking fuel. Through use of the patented Midrex® Reformer, this process cost effectively makes reducing gas for the iron ore reduction reactions that take place in the Midrex® shaft furnace.
  • MXCOL® uses syngas, or synthesis gas, from the cokemaking or coal gasification process, to produce DRI in the Midrex® process.

For more information, please visit the website of Midrex Technologies Inc.

Midrex Direct Reduction