With many years of experience in furnace lining and proven know-how in furnace profile definition and cooling concepts, Paul Wurth offers complete solutions from the bottom and hearth to the top of the blast furnace.

Based on extensive expertise materialized in more than 250 blast furnace projects, Paul Wurth offers refractory design, material supply and construction supervision of entire blast furnace linings.

Efficient cooling is required to balance the thermal load and associated wear of the inner lining of the furnace. Offered in combination with our copper and cast iron coolers for any zone of the blast furnace, our optimized primary and secondary cooling systems operate on more than 50 blast furnace (117 references) installations worldwide. To ensure a high availability, long campaign life and reduced operating costs, Paul Wurth uses predominantly closed loop cooling circuits with forced recirculation.


  • Low water consumption;
  • Low electrical power consumption;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • No corrosion or clogging of the pipes and cooling elements;
  • Sensitive leak detection;
  • Highest operation safety.
Furnace Lining & Cooling